Who are the main detractors or opponents of the Bahá’í Faith?

Religious perspective: Basically many religions and all Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) oppose Baha’ism because Baha’is consider these religions obsolete and believe that they should be updated by Baha’ism. Baha’u’llah also claims he has fulfilled the prophecies of all religions while this has not occurred. Political perspective: Baha’is claim they are obedient to the laws […]

Baha’i Internet Sanctions by Universal House of Justice

THE UNIVERSAL HOUSE OF JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF THE SECRETARIAT 22 February 2016 Transmitted by email The National Spiritual Assemblies of the Baha’is of … Dear Baha’i Friends, As you know, although the primary responsibility for coordinating the defence of the Baha’i community from the misrepresentations of its detractors and the attacks of its assailants lies […]